Request a Police Report

To request an accident report, you will need:

  • Your report number
  • The report date
  • Driver's last name or owner's last name

You can request an accident report in person from the SBPD Records Bureau or can purchase it online here.

To request an incident/offense report, you will need:

  • Victim's last name, or
  • Your report number, or
  • The report date

There may be a fee associated with your report.

If the report references a case that is still open and under review, your request will be reviewed and discussed with the City Attorney to determine whether the report can be released. In some cases, a Public Access Request will need to be submitted and reviewed.

Please note that suspects cannot be provided a copy of their case from the SBPD Records Bureau. Suspects can file a Public Access Request that will be reviewed by our City Attorney.


To request an accident report or incident/offense police report in person, visit the SBPD Records Bureau. The SBPD Records Bureau is open Monday - Friday, 9AM-6PM and Saturday-Sunday, 9AM-5PM.

701 W. Sample St.
South Bend, IN 46601
(574) 235-9201