Hans B. Brandt

Patrolman Hans Brandt succumbed to a severe infection from gunshot wounds suffered about one month earlier when he and his partner were attacked. He and his partner were walking their beat when they found two intoxicated men who were loud and causing a disturbance. When the suspects refused to leave the area, they began to argue with the officers. One of the suspects pulled a gun from his pocket and shot Patrolman Brandt in the chest.

Patrolman Brandt's partner struck the gun from the suspect's hand with his nightstick and knocked him to the ground, when the other suspect pulled a knife which was also struck from his hand before forcing him to the ground. Both suspects were arrested and upon Patrolman Brandt's death, they were charged with murder.

Patrolman Brandt had served with the South Bend Police Department for only one month.