2016 SBPD Award Recipients

The South Bend Police Department announces its 2016 recognition awards for sworn officers and civilians with the police department. Every day, officers and civilians work together to protect lives and property, reduce crime and enhance police-community relationships. More than 60 officers and civilians are recognized for their bravery, lifesaving skills, community involvement and overall performance.

2016 Officer of the Year: Officer Tyler Donlon

2016 Investigator of the Year: Sergeant Kelly Waite

Chief’s Award of Valor is awarded to a sworn officer for an outstanding act of bravery or heroism through selflessness, personal courage and devotion to duty. The 2016 recipient is: Officer Andrew Witt.

Officer Witt responded to a shooting on February 28, 2016 and found a 17 year old girl with a gunshot wound. Despite unknown present danger or shooter proximity, he carried her two blocks to safety and stayed with her to keep her safe while other officers searched the area.

Chief’s Award of Merit awarded to any sworn officer or civilian working with the police department. It recognizes work done to help increase department efficiency through cost savings or improve the overall operation of a department by going far beyond the required job duties. This year’s recipients are:

Officer Devon Gilbert

Civilian – Ken Glowacki

Civilian – Vicki Grauel

Department Commendation is an award granted to any sworn officer or civilian with the police department. Those awarded have shown an outstanding acts of achievement which brings positive and great credit to the department as a whole. This year’s recipients are:

Pfc. John Cox

Pfc. Nathan Gates

Pfc. Corey Calvert (x2)

Pfc. John Gast

Off. Briar Johnston

Pfc. Jarveair Bourn

Pfc. Andrew Jackson

Pfc. Reid Spitaels

Pfc. Christopher Camparone

Pfc. John Comeau

Pfc. Matt Napolitan

Sgt. Neil Graber

Pfc. Calon Naragon

Pfc. Jack Stilp

Pfc. Jeff Chamberlain

Pfc. Bert Wise

Commanders Commendations. This year’s recipients are:

Pfc. Phil Herman

Pfc. Maranda Baker

Pfc. Ryan Hiipakka

Pfc. Anthony Dawson

Pfc. Matt Napolitan

Sgt. Jason Biggs

Unit Meritorious Performance Award is awarded to sworn officers and civilian members of a unit who exhibited exceptional professional skill and conduct. This year’s recipients are:

Crime Scene Technicians/officers:

Joe Carey

Eric Mentz

Brandon Martin

Stephanie Mead

Aaron Brick

Paul Daley

Ryan Hiipikka

Ron Kaszas

Russ Lupica

Nick Pogotis

Jeremy Siade

Michael Stuk

David Trout

Matt Weller

Ron Wilson

Civilian Recipients:

Clerk Terminal Operators:

Dawn Stout

Victoria Dudeck

Adam Harman

Lauren Morgan

Madonna Fleenor

Marilyn Witt

Patricia Reynolds

Stephanie Santa

Alarm Coordinator:

Jo Ann Loughlin

Court Liaison:

Cheryl Milliken

The Lifesaving Award is awarded to any sworn officer or civilian for a successful effort in saving a human life. Police are generally first to any scene and all officers and civilians are trained in the used of Automated External Defibrillators, CPR, and First Aid. Those who receive this award have shown exceptional courage and learned measures in order to save lives. This year’s recipients are:

Pfc. Mollie O’Blenis

Pfc. Jeff Ransberger

Pfc. Andrew Jackson

Pfc. Joseph Mitchell

Pfc. John Comeau

Pfc. Jarveair Bourn

Pfc. Aaron Knepper

Pfc. David Trout

Pfc. Joe Stitsworth

Pfc. Ernesto Ramirez

The Pat DeRue Nemeth Award is awarded to any sworn officer, civilian or member of the South Bend Community. Recipients demonstrate the caring, kind, compassionate and humanitarian qualities that Pat DeRue Nemeth has provided to the police department. This year’s recipient is: Pfc. Greg Howard.

The Dortha Paxton Award is awarded specifically to civilian employees of the South Bend Police Department. Recipients are recognized for their exceptional professional skill in the tradition and dedication of long-time civilian employee Dortha Paxton. This year’s recipient is: Dawn Ebersole. 

Submitted by:

Scott Ruszkowski

Chief of Police