Arrests Made In June 29 and July 13 Shootings

The South Bend Police Department announces arrests made involving shootings occurring in our city.

The Investigative Bureau arrested Jermaine Newsome, Jr., 19, in connection to a shooting that occurred on June 29, 2019 in the 3400 block of Putnam Place. In this incident, the victim was shot while inside an apartment. The victim sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Jermaine Newsome’s charges: Burglary with a deadly weapon, Criminal Recklessness, and Battery by means of a deadly weapon.

The investigative Bureau arrested, and the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office charged, Emmanuel Guevara, 30, and Jorge Guevara, 24, in connection to a shooting on July 13, 2019.
A victim was located in the 600 block of S. Sheridan and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Emmanuel Guevara’s charges: Battery with a Deadly Weapon and Criminal Recklessness.

Jose Guevara’s charge: Criminal Recklessness.

All are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.  

These cases have been turned over to the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office.

The arrests were made possible thanks to a combined effort of all patrol details, the Investigative Bureau, the Strategic Focus Unit and other law enforcement partners.

Most importantly, the community played a vital role in contacting police about these incidents and helping provide information.

It will take a community effort to help end the violence in our city and we thank those who have stepped up saying “enough is enough” and acting upon it.