Partner Your Security Cameras With SBPD

The South Bend Police Department wants to partner with businesses and homeowners to help catch criminals and assist with investigations by using security cameras.

The moment a crime occurs, South Bend Police officers turn to nearby security cameras for their very first tips. If a business or homeowner registers their security camera, the South Bend Police Department will easily know of cameras in the area and contact the owner to view their recordings.

The partnership, through, is free, safe and 100 percent voluntary.  Businesses and homeowners will always have control over their own security cameras. The South Bend Police Department will ONLY have a list of security cameras and that list will not be made public.

Preventing crime is a community effort. Cameras can help solve crimes, but participating in the program can thwart violence from happening altogether in the city of South Bend.

For those interested in partnering with the police department, visit