As the school year begins, South Bend Police ask drivers to take extra precautions in the designated school zones. Motorists must stop at least 20 feet from a school bus that is displaying red flashing lights and/or its stop arm is extended when approaching from the rear and from the opposite direction.

 The speed limit in school zones is 25 mph, officers will be enforcing the speed limit in school zones beginning this week to get drivers to slow down. These school zones are in place to ensure the safety of students.

 Crossing guards are also back on duty to help students cross streets safely, while police officers are monitoring traffic to make sure drivers are following the speed limit and obeying the rules of the road before and after school.

 The National Safe Routes to School program offers the following driving tips around schools:

  • Slow down and obey all traffic laws
  • Comply with school drop-off and pick-up procedures
  • Avoid double parking or stopping on crosswalks to let children out of the car
  • Avoid loading or unloading children at locations across the street from the school. This forces kids to unnecessarily cross busy street-often mid-block
  • Watch for children walking, bicycling or gathering near bus stops

Classes in South Bend Community Schools begin Wednesday, August 17.