The South Bend Police Department is looking for dedicated, community-minded individuals to join its ranks. The department is inviting interested men and women to fill out an application by Thursday, May 26. Only applications completed in calendar eyar 2016 and on file with the South Bend Police Training Bureau will be considered. 

Interested applicants must be a United States citizen, a high school graduate, possess a valid driver’s license, be willing to live in St. Joseph County or an adjoining Indiana county, and be at least 21 years old and not older than 36 when sworn in as a police officer.

Applications must include all proper documentation, signatures, a color photo, and be notarized. In addition, candidates must also have a doctor's note dated within 60 days of Part One testing stating that the applicant is physically fit to participate in aglity testing. The nautre of polcie work necessitates that applicants demonstrate the aptitude to meet physical requirement.

With a completed application on file by May 26, applicants are invited to participate in Part One of the selection process-physical testing-to be held on Sunday, June 5 and Monday, June 6. Applicants may select which day to attend. Testing begins at 9 am. 

The appilcation and addition information may be found at or obtained online or in person at the South Bend Police Department, 701 W. Sample St. For more information, please contact the South Bend Police Training Bureau Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4 pm at 574-235-9224